Tammy Character Design

I recently thought to myself, I need a brand new character of my own! Somebody I can create scenes with, give a personality to and create a story for. I sketched up a character design that I liked and Tammy and her toy bunny, Grape arrived!

Tammy was the character I needed, she helped me work on telling her story, the happy and the sad. I wanted to consider her emotions, to express her feelings without text. A subtle change I made to Tammy from happy to sad, is not only going from movement (happy skipping) to standing still, but I also used her plaits. I was inspired by animals and how their ears can tell you how they’re feeling, Tammy’s plaits are straight down and sagging when she is sad, and when she’s happy they are swinging beside her a she skips along.

I had Tammy’s basic design but I wanted to tell a few stories from her life. The first I chose was how she got her favourite purple bunny, Grape! It started when she was given her pocket money for the month:

Whilst spending an afternoon at the fair in the town hall, Tammy had a few coins leftover from her pocket money and decided to spend them on five tombola tickets. The first four numbers she chose weren’t winners but as she went to pick her fifth, the lady running the stand took a ticket from her pocket and handed to Tammy. It was 105, a winning number! Without checking, the lady picked up her prize, a purple bunny with long floppy ears and handed it to Tammy. She hugged it close and thanked her with a beaming smile. Tammy loved her new bunny and Grape had won the best prize of all.

As well as how she got Grape, Tammy also got to tell us about when she got to spend a day at the local lido! She jumped in the water all day long.

My most recent Tammy-tale was when she joined the children who are marching for climate action with the KitLid4Climate – illustrators and authors standing with the kids we make our books for. Go Tammy!


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