Axolotl Adventurer

December is definitely the most hectic month of the year. My search for the perfect gift for friends and family takes it’s toll as nothing is ever good enough. Mixed in with friends coming home for Christmas, various Christmas meals with work, my netball team and a party with my brownie troop, it can be tricky to find the time to sit down and draw for the fun of it. In December I decided to create an illustration for the Character Design Challenge this meant I could go along with their theme for the month and see where it took me.

The theme for December was Axolotl Adventurer. I’ve already created a few axolotl illustrations because I think they are adorable, bizarre creatures, so this was the perfect theme to draw me in. I wanted to create a female fighter for my character to I gathered a collection of axolotl and armour references to get started. This illustration coincided with the big Procreate update of 2019 yay! Which meant I could use their new colour selector to choose the colour scheme, and I could play around with some of the new brushes on offer.

I sketched out the basic character, adding movement to the piece with the tail and legs.

For the final piece I illustrated a simple background. Because the challenge says you can’t have a detailed background, I simplified an underwater scene for my fighter to jump into.


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