Little Red and Her Basket of Bread

It had been too long since I created double page spread illustration to go alongside a story. I’ve been working on character design and incorporating backgrounds into my illustrations recently so it’s the perfect time to jump into a new picture book layout. Let’s draw a brand new sequential illustration! I chose the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood (I’d recently made an illustration I where the wolf and Little Red were friends, see below)

To get started on this sequential illustration, I looked at the story of Little Red Riding Hood and created a few thumbnail sketches of how they could be laid out on a single or double page spread. One thing I¬†knew I wanted to incorporate was a point of view shot for Little Red when she’s packing up the food in her basket, you can see the initial sketch for this below. This is to help the reader associate more with Little Red as you see things through her eyes, and it also meant I could draw some delicious bread and pastries!

On the double page spread I chose to illustrate (Little Red’s basket and the start of her journey), I incorporated the golden ratio to encourage the reader’s eye to travel across the two pages and end up seeing Little Red walking into the dark forest. To help limit going overboard on colours (something I can very easily do!), I like to choose a colour palette before I begin painting any illustration.

Once I have all these elements organised, it’s time to start digitally painting the illustration! There is a contrast between the two pages, from the close point of view to the long shot of Little Red walking into the forest. My favourite elements are her yellow boots, the smell of the bread and the baguette she’s holding… but maybe I’m just hungry.

After the illustrations were complete I decided to create a quick book mock up to see how it would look on a fully illustrated children’s picture book. See below, I quite like it! I hope to create some more illustrations for this story and other fairytales in the future so watch this space. If you have made it to the this sentence, thank you for giving my blog a read!


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